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  • I'm still at quora

    I am active at quora. Ask me or follow me quora.com/profile/Hasan-Tayyar-Beşik

  • I've started ketogenic diet

    I’ve started ketogenic diet and I will log my experiences here for a month

    • Day 1, Day2: I took no carbs. Only cheese and eggs. At the end of day 2 I feel a little dizzy. I will increase salt consume.
    • Day 3,4,5: I felt dizzy at day 3 and 4. I messed up with this diet at Day 5. I ate almost everything made with flour. I will reset whole process from Day 6.
    • Many days after : I’ve to find a different type of diet.

  • Music ratings

    I want to answer another common question about me. My favorite songs.

    My top 20 bands/artists sorted by play count

    Pink Floyd , Yezda Urfa, Bandista, Diablo, Siya Siyabend , Grup Yorum , Kalmah , Camel, David Gilmour , For a Minor Reflection , Van der Graaf Generator, Sümeyra Çakır, Grup Munzur, Led Zeppelin, Hariçten Gazelciler, Richard Wright, Sigur Rós, Windir, Maybeshewill, Explosions in the Sky


    My top 10 songs sorted by play count

    Pink Floyd — Speak to Me , Pink Floyd — Quicksilver , Pink Floyd — Wish You Were Here , Bandista — Haydi Barikata , Pink Floyd — The Fletcher Memorial Home , David Gilmour — Castellorizon , Yezda Urfa — Boris and His Three Verses , Yezda Urfa — To-Ta in the Moya , Pink Floyd — Paranoid Eyes


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  • Movie ratings

    I just want to cut the “What’s your favorite movie?” conversation. Here is my Imdb ratings I am cruel while rating movies. But I suggest you to try at least one movie from my top 10.

    Ah, also you can see my watchlist. www.imdb.com/user/ur20846269/watchlist I’ve already watched some of them but some movies deserves a second and third watch.

    You also may discover some new movies from my movie blog

  • Hedeflerim

    Hedeflerimi açtım. Böylesi daha eğlenceli. Şurada kontrol edebilirsin. Sen de fork edip, sen de böyle bir mevzuya başlayabilirsin.

  • My reading list

    You may want to check out my public instapaper profile : instapaper/htayyar.

  • Blog Updates

    You can follow my technical updates from tayyar-code blog.