OMAD: One meal a day

tldr; You are fasting for 23 hours and eating within one hour. You would not be consuming any caloric beverages or food outside of your one-hour eating time frame.

My aim is to lose weight very quickly. This aim is already wrong. Losing weight quickly doesn’t sound very healthy (well this diet also doesn’t look like a healthy one, a huge discussion going on the internet!!). Anyway, I started to experiment. I will log and probably this diet will end up like my previous ketogenic diet

  • Day 1: A tough day, because I ate my first meal too early (around 11:50)
  • Day 2: I feel like I get used to this diet. It is not too bad.
  • Day 3: Cheating with tomatos in the morning
  • Day 4: A late Saturday breatfast around 3pm, I feel good.
  • Day 5: all good
  • Day 6: decided to quit this diet. I will make 2 meals a day by skipping dinner.